The It’s My Nature capital campaign seeks to raise $15 million to restore Warner Parks to its original state and to meet heightened demands related to increased usage of the parks today.

Priorities of the comprehensive park improvement plan include:
Allée and Stonework Restoration
Warner Park Nature Center Improvements
Trail Improvements
Invasive Plant Removal
Currently in progress; learn more here

Campaign Leadership

Chair Emeritus
E. Warner Bass
Campaign Chairs
Clare Armistead
govan white
Friends of Warner Parks Board Chair
Jeremiah Pyron
Friends of Warner Parks President
Jenny Hannon
Campaign Committee
Tara Armistead
Claire corby
Jeff Fincher
Elizabeth Lamar
Bob Parrish
Beth Preston
Kevin Roddey
Kristin Taylor
Susan Weathersby

A Note from Govan White, Campaign Chair

“I’m honored to serve as the Chairman of the It’s My Nature Campaign to protect and sustain the Warner Parks’ natural beauty and historic legacy for all to experience. We invite you to learn more about the campaign and to consider helping to protect Warner Parks for this generation and those to follow.  Please reach out to Jenny Hannon for more information. We’re happy to give you a tour of the restoration work in progress. Thank you."

With Gratitude to our Generous Investors

Warner Parks Visionary
The Frist Foundation
Percy Warner Leaders
Edwin Warner Leaders
Leah and Jim Sohr
Armistead Circle
Century Club
kathryn and david brown
Louise and John Bryan
Katherine and Pete DeLay
Robert lipman
Ellen Martin
Susan O’Neill
Lynn and Rick Scarola
Lyn and Scott Sohr
Kristin and Don Taylor
Barby and Govan White
Cindy and David Wilds
Bryant Fleming Circle
Sylvia and Doug Bradbury
Elizabeth and Howard Lamar
Tracy and Banks Link
Leigh and Brian Reames
Olivia and Mark Rechter
Legacy Circle
Mary Lauren and Lawson Allen
Jodi and Mark banks
Lisa and Lyle Beasley
Ginny and Wood Caldwell
Fleming Foundation
Mary Godchaux-Wieck and Larry Wieck
Gwen and Frank Gordon
Jenny Hannon
joanne and michael hayes
Meredith and Jimmy Leach
Beth and Steve Preston
julie carell stadler
Williams/King Family Foundation in Memory of Connie Williams King
Heritage Circle
Elizabeth and Clark Akers
tara and ben armistead
Sarah and Martin Akin
Falke trust
Katherine Follin
Hayes Hitchens/Moondance adventures
kaaren and ben may
Margie and Jackson Moore
Mary Clare and Jeremiah Pyron
Paige and Kevin Roddey
Sandy and Jay Sangervasi
rosie and reed trickett
Susan and E.W. Weathersby
Tori and John Wimberly
The Beech Society
under $10,000
Paige and Bill Bainbridge
Sandy Bivens and Bob Parrish
Melba and Bill Blevins
Timiny and David Braemer
Linda Breggin and Michael Vandenbergh
Jane and Bill Coble
Christi and Jay DeGeare
Marty Donner
ramsey dran
Susan Edwards
Annette Eskind
Natasha and Jeff Fincher
Virginia and Richard Fitzgerald
Mary Follin and Christopher Simonsen
Wendy and Vic Gatto
Joe Hall
Rachel and Hoyt Halvorson
James Hildrith
Holly and Bill Hirschman
kay and steve horrell
Donna and Michael Kestner
Peggy and Randy kinnard
Elizabeth Lea Knox and Alex Gentle
Laura knox
Julia and beverly Landstreet
Tara and Geoffrey Little
Dibbie and Mickey Martin
Elizabeth Nettles
Jami and Paul Oakley
Jane Anne and dale pilkinton
Cecilia Theobald
Emily and Crom Tidwell
Kenna Turner
Margaret and Bo Tyler
hope and keith walker
Eleanor Willis
Thank You To Our Generous In-Kind Contributors
Thompson Machinery
larry wieck and wieck construction

About the Allée Steps and Stonework Restoration

The Allée, defined as a pathway lined with trees or shrubs, serves as the “front door” to Percy Warner Park. It was designed by renowned landscape architect Bryant Fleming and opened in 1936.

More than 80 years later, the Allée remains an everyday entry point for hikers and visitors of all ages and interests, and a beloved backdrop for some of life’s most memorable moments. Today, this Nashville landmark requires significant repair after generations of wear and tear.

The project, currently underway, includes:
  • Repairing damaged portions of the Allée steps and hardscape
  • Addressing drainage issues and erosion at the site
  • Re-establishing original view sheds
  • Conserving habitat lost to invasive plants with woodland restoration
The Allée steps close January 6, 2020, and reopen in Summer 2020.
Finding your way during Allée construction:
  • The Allée steps are temporarily closed.
  • Trails remain open. Follow detour signs to access trails.
  • Stay on designated routes. Making your own trail kills plants and causes erosion.
  • Construction will be managed to ensure safety and reduce impact on park visitor experience.
Thank you for your patience!

Nashville Landmark Reopens on 10/2


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Will You Help #ProtectWarnerParks?

Friends of Warner Parks, as the nonprofit dedicated to the preservation, protection, and stewardship of Warner Parks, seeks commitment from the Nashville community and park enthusiasts to raise much-needed capital to restore historic structures and natural features throughout the parks.



Call, mail, or visit:

50 Vaughn Road, Nashville, TN 37221