Out With the Invasives, In With the Natives

It’s in Warner Parks nature to be a biodiverse ecosystem. It’s home to hundreds upon hundreds of native shrubs, trees, and wildflowers, migratory birds, amphibians and butterflies, but the system has been disturbed, and it’s time to eradicate the invasive plants that have come to over-occupy the forest floor. 

#InvasiveFreeWP is a comprehensive plan for the removal of invasive species and ongoing maintenance across 1,930 of our 3,200 acres, led by Friends of Warner Parks, Metro Parks, and Invasive Plant Control. It’s a top priority of our current It’s My Nature Campaign, encompassing nearly $5 million of our $15 million budget, and requires a multi-pronged approach, including friends like you!

Help us Be #InvasiveFreeWP

This is a major effort that will take considerable time to complete, but there’s no turning back. It’s time to return our park to its natural state, and we all have a part to play. It’s our nature, Nashville.
Ways to Help:
Host a Pullin’ PartyAdopt a Section of the ParkBecome a MemberDonate to It’s My Nature

M.I.Ps (Most Invasive Plants) 

Japanese Honeysuckle


Chinese Privet


Goal: Invasive Free by 2027
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