Trail Improvements and SWEAT Program

June 29, 2020

We’re five weeks into SWEAT - our summer work/learn/earn program - and they’ve made incredible improvements across the entirety of Warner Parks! The SWEAT team- under the guidance of  WPNC and FOWP staffers along with a couple dedicated volunteers by their side - work primarily in the areas of organic gardening, invasive plant control, and trail maintenance

Trail maintenance includes replacing structures such as steps, water bars, signs, and more. SWEAT provides the heavy lifting by leveling and filling in low wet areas with gravel, covering side trails, and improving water flow to minimize erosion. They also recently built an entire reroute for the Harpeth Woods Trail (blue) - previously closed since March 2019! In addition to the Blue Trail, they've also worked on the Owl Hollow Loop (orange), the entire Harpeth Woods Trail (blue), and the Story Walk trail (green). Stay tuned for remarkable improvements across Percy Warner as well, word on the street is that they are dedicating this week to the Red and White Trails. 

Beyond trail maintenance, they've also done beautiful work across the Warner Parks Nature Center Campus, primarily in the realms of the Organic Garden, the new BIRD garden, and a whole new compost pile!

We’re incredibly thankful for the service they provide, the compassion they have for the parks, and their tremendous efforts in helping us preserve, steward, and #ProtectWarnerParks

Consider becoming a member and help us fund this invaluable program and other Nature Center initiatives. No sweat equity required, though you can provide that elsewhere if that’s up your alley! Learn more about volunteer opportunities