Honor the Past While Progressing Forward

January 30, 2020

Honor the Past While Progressing Forward

The gateway to our beginning, that is what the Belle Meade entrance Percy Warner Park represents to us. The land was a part of the inception gift by Col. Luke Lea, in honor of his father-in-law, Percy Warner, that began Warner Parks; it's where thousands of friends begin the day with their walking/hiking/running ritual, where loving partners make promises of forever, where families document their newest additions, and so much more.

So too is it a place of remembrance - once a training ground for soldiers and now the site of our World War I Memorial- a memorial whose stonework is carefully being restored in addition to the Allée steps as part of our It's My Nature Campaign. The iconic steps are also listed with the National Registrar of Historic Places, prompting the restoration to be under the guidance of the Metro Historical Commission and ensuring careful attention to design, material, and workmanship. Our general contractors, The Tradesmen Group, specialize in masonry and make an art not only of the stone they lay but particularly the stone they source and the old stones they excavate.

We’re one month down with five to go and steadily moving ahead with an ever-present eye on progress, but most importantly, careful respect of and attention to the historical impact of this place.

Help us preserve the past and propel us forward; discover ways to get involved in this ongoing initiative.