The Forest Through the Trees

February 13, 2020

The Forest Through the Trees

The Allée Steps aren’t the only thing getting a facelift, so too is the forest floor, for its time to eradicate the invasive species that have overtaken our beloved park and give our native wildflowers, herbaceous plants, trees and more room to display their true nature. 

If you’ve recently visited the Belle Meade entrance, you've seen what a difference these efforts make; you can literally see the forest through the trees!

We’ve started with the area around The Allée - 60 acres that will soon be cleared thanks to our Pullin’ Party volunteers and work with Invasive Plant Control - with a long road ahead - for of our nearly 3,200 acres, 1,930 are in need. #InvasiveFreeWP is the goal, one we know we’ll accomplish with friends like you.

Help us awaken the forest floor by letting a little light in + join us for our next Pullin’ Party on February 22.