City Nature Challenge

April 24, 2020

It's time for the City Nature Challenge!

The City Nature Challenge is an international game in the name of identifying biodiversity! This year the focus is documenting the many forms of life in our own backyards; you’ll be amazed at how many species you’ll find when you widen your gaze for the game.


To participate is simple:

1. Download the free iNaturalist App

2. Take photos within the app and then click “What do I see?”

Fellow observers will identify, and it becomes a wonderfully interactive city-wide activity!

3. Do this as many times as you can between Friday,April 24 and Monday, April 27.

4. Post your findings on Instagram, too + tag:




+ of course @FriendsofWarnerParks so we can see!


Check out the Warner Park Nature Center Facebook Event page for more details, or visit CityNatureChallenge.Org.