Allée Questions Answered: Flagpole Lighting

May 6, 2020

No Flight Restrictions on this Flagpole

The flagpole - with its masonry base, surrounding plaza, and limestone walls - is an original part of the Allée designed by Bryant Fleming. It has become quite a popular and recognizable meeting place for park visitors and a launching point for walkers, runners, and bicyclers alike.  

Rules and etiquette for flying the American flag require that the flag must be lit if flown at night. The new lighting design involves twin fixtures with a dark bronze color akin to the flagpole itself and features “honeycomb baffles” inside the hood to minimize light spillage and glare. 

The fixtures will be affixed amidst landscaped beds and partially hidden by the stone walls and plant materials. 

A mock up was installed to allow decision-makers on the Allée Committee to observe both the fixtures and the effects of the night-time lighting. Mockups are used throughout the design and construction process - details big and small scrutinized and decisions made with the utmost intention.

The Allee restoration is one of three priorities of our It's My Nature Capital Campaign.