Allée Questions Answered: Beneficiaries of the Allée Upgrade

June 2, 2020

Beneficiaries of the Beloved Allée

It was the intention of Bryant Fleming, the nationally renowned designer of the Allée, that a wide variety of park visitors be able to enjoy the panoramic views and outdoor experiences of this magnificent limestone structure. Such has been true since the stone structure's completion in 1936, and so too will it successfully carry over for many, many years to come thanks to the Allée restoration portion of our ongoing It’s My Nature Campaign. 

So who, exactly, benefits from the beloved stone steps? Hikers, bikers, and babies, oh my!

Hikers by the hundreds ascend the stone steps on a daily basis en route to Warner Woods Trail, a 2.5 mile primitive path that threads through the forest and offers some of the best of the park's natural area.

Runners - with particular affinity for cardiovascular workouts - travel up and down the stone steps for high intensity fitness with a scenic twist. 

Pedestrians, bicyclers, and motorists alike travel the 1.6 mile paved loop around the Allee, rewarded with glimpses of Percy Warner Golf Course, the World War I monument, forested areas, and the iconic scenic overlook that includes the steps, flagpole and boulevard views. Just wait until the woodland restoration includes pops of color from native flora!

Equestrians are also accommodated as they ride the horse trail that crosses at the upper portion of the Allee - and to ensure safety and good footing for all- the rehabilitation improvements include the installation of a cobblestone path-of-travel for pedestrians crossing the bridle path. 

Photographers and their clients enjoy professional photo shoots on sight...many graduates, brides, and new babies have benefited from the back-drop of the iconic Allée. Don’t forget to request a permit from Metro Parks for photos!

Finally, the history buff aficionados are particularly amused to know the Allée is listed in the National Registrar of Historic Places, and so too are we all proud of this aspect, for It’s Our Nature, Nashville, and our legacy, too!

Show your support for the beloved Allée - scheduled to reopen mid July of this year - by becoming a member today and helping us #ProtectWarnerParks.